Hashed Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo

Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo, Cranberries, and Pine Nuts | Cucina Kristina | cucinakristina.com

Brussels sprouts are one of those veggies that aren’t always a crowd-pleaser. I can understand that because, if overcooked, they don’t smell great and can often taste like a wet sock. Nobody likes wet sock. Not that I have ever tasted a wet sock, but I can only imagine that I wouldn’t be a fan of it. However, if cooked correctly, brussels sprouts are nutty and flavorful and so so healthy for you!

To say that I am mildly obsessed with brussels sprouts would be an understatement. They are one of the only vegetables that make it into my grocery cart every week whether they are in or out of season. Most of the time, I prepare them by slicing them in half, tossing them in extra virgin olive oil, seasoning them with salt, pepper and fresh garlic, and roasting them in a 425˚ oven for about 30 minutes. However, over the last year, I have been hashing them and it’s my new favorite way to eat them.

Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo, Cranberries, and Pine Nuts | Cucina Kristina | cucinakristina.com To hash brussels sprouts, you trim the bottom stem, remove any bruised leaves, slice the sprout in half, and thinly slice each half about 1/8″ thick. You could also pop whole sprouts into your food processor affixed with the slicing blade.

Last Thanksgiving, I brought hashed brussels sprouts cooked in bacon fat to my family dinner and it was a major crowd-pleaser. In fact, my brother-in-law who doesn’t care for bacon OR brussels sprouts went back for seconds. That was a major kitchen win for me! 

Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo, Cranberries, and Pine Nuts | Cucina Kristina | cucinakristina.com

This year, I managed to turn more non-sprout lovers into believers by pairing hashed brussels sprouts with chorizo. For a Thanksgiving twist, I also topped them with some dried cranberries and pine nuts. The result is a sweet, spicy, nutty side dish that comes together in less than half an hour. I’ll definitely be using this recipe for Christmas. 

Hashed Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo and Cranberries
Serves 4
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Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
25 min
Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
Total Time
25 min
  1. 1 link chorizo
  2. 1 tablespoon ghee*
  3. 1 dozen brussels sprouts
  4. 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  5. 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
  6. Small handful of dried cranberries (about 1/4 cup)
  7. Small handful of pine nuts or your favorite nut (about 1/4 cup), toasted, if desired*
  1. Trim the stem from your brussels sprouts. Remove any bruised leaves. Slice sprouts in half. Thinly slice each half into 1/8" slices. Set aside, but keep close to the stove.
  2. Remove chorizo from it's casing and cook in a large saucepan until browned, about 10 minutes.
  3. Using a slotted spoon, transfer cooked chorizo to a piece of paper towel and drain any excess fat.
  4. Add a tablespoon of ghee to the pan and melt to combine with any remaining chorizo fat.
  5. Add hashed brussels sprouts to the pan and lightly toss to coat with the cooking fat. Once coated, spread the sprouts into an even layer in the pan and let them sit, untouched for about 5-7 minutes so they can brown. Resist the urge to stir!
  6. After the bottom layer is browned, lightly stir to cook any leaves that have not touched the bottom of the pan. Let sit for another 5-7 minutes.
  7. Remove from pan, and toss with chorizo.
  8. Garnish with dried cranberries and your favorite nut.
  1. *Ghee: Ghee is clarified butter, but if you cannot find ghee or don't want to make it, you can substitute regular butter or extra virgin olive oil.
  2. *Pine Nuts: My grocery store sells nuts in bulk so they are relatively inexpensive. If pine nuts are out of your budget, you can substitute pecans, walnuts, almonds, or omit them completely. If possible, purchase raw nuts and toast them yourself, if desired. Chorizo is pretty salty, and I think pre-salted nuts might result in a dish that is overly salty.
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