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Upcycled Melted Crayons

This tutorial for upcycled melted crayons will turn your broken crayon pieces into beautiful, unique mosaic crayons. You can keep similar colors together or mix them for a rainbow effect. They would make a cute party favor, stocking stuffer, or gift for a little one. 

Upcycle broken crayons by melting them in a muffin tin

My mother and I are polar opposites in the kitchen. Cooking often stresses her out because she is the type of person that must follow a recipe to a T. If a recipe calls for 1/4 teaspoon of dried basil, she will stop everything she is doing, run to the store, and buy basil before proceeding to cook. I, on the other hand, look at those situations as an opportunity to experiment. “We’re out of basil? Hmmm…” I think, “I’ll just substitute oregano and see how it goes.” This resistance to following directions is what makes baking a challenge for me.

One thing my mother excels at is party planning. If Pinterest existed when I was a little, my mom would have dominated the kids’ birthday parties boards. Every year, we’d pick a theme and my mom would make sure every detail related to that theme. One year, she threw me a Crayola party and somehow found candles that looked exactly like Crayola crayons. Bear in mind, this was the 1980’s before the internet and Google and Amazon. This was back when you had to look businesses up in the Yellow Pages (raise your hand if you even know what the Yellow Pages are!) and call them to see if they had whatever you were looking for in stock. Then, you had to drive there to pick it up. Nothing was magically shipped to your home within 48 hours for free. Thinking back, I don’t know how she did it; she must have been a magician.  

  Upcycle broken crayons by melting them in a muffin tin

I’ve seen this idea floating around Pinterest for a few years and doing this little project over the weekend brought back those childhood memories. I think these upcycled melted crayons would have made a perfect party favor for my Crayola party back in the day. But, since I am not throwing a kids party any time soon, I decided to make these for my classroom art center. 


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