Short Film Friday: Fallin’ Floyd

Short Film Friday aims to pass along short films that I find on the web. I have a massive appreciation for cinema, especially short films and documentaries. Want to play along? Share your short films with me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #shortfilmfri.

Short Film Friday. Play along #shortfilmfri

I’m a total sucker for films that tell the story solely through the use of image and music. It reminds me of the Saturday Morning Cartoons I grew up watching in the 80’s. Anyone remember Tom & Jerry (my favorite) and Merry Melodies. 

This film is so beautifully illustrated it makes my heart smile even though the subject matter is sad at times. Created by Anikey animation studio‘s Paco Vink and Albert ‘t Hooft, this film is one you’ll need to watch more than once to pick up all of the intricate details. 

Synopsis: After being dumped by his girlfriend, a street musician descends into a dark depression. His everyday life is haunted (and sometimes guided) by a demon on his shoulder.

Running Time: 8:52

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