Short Film Friday: Pilgrim

Short Film Friday aims to pass along short films that I find on the web. I have a massive appreciation for cinema, especially short films and documentaries. Want to play along? Share your short films with me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #shortfilmfri.

Short Film Friday. Play along #shortfilmfri

In keeping with the Irish theme that has been present this month, Pilgrim is a short animation by Irish animator, Matthew Darragh. I was once asked in a job interview, “If you could snap your fingers and instantly acquire all of the skills and training you needed for any job in the world, what profession would you chose.” Without hesitation, I answered, “I’d be an animator.” Cute little short films like this are the reason why!

Synopsis: A refrigerator desperately scours the desert in search of an electrical outlet.

Running Time: 3:34

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