Short Film Friday: Winterthur – Tomorrow

Short Film Friday aims to pass along short films that I find on the web. I have a massive appreciation for cinema, especially short films and documentaries. Want to play along? Share your short films with me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #shortfilmfri.

Short Film Friday. Play along #shortfilmfri

 Time Out Chicago recently posted an article titled “100 Best Animated Movies.” I was delighted to see one of my favorite animated films, The Triplets of Belleville, land at the #22 spot! The Triplets of Belleville was nominated for Best Animated Feature in 2003 and was directed by a French animator named Sylvain Chomet. It is currently available to stream on Netflix. Watch it!

I happened to stumble upon this commercial directed by Sylvain Chomet and thought I would share it here. It’s produced by Rods Films and will give you a good feel for his style of animation. I wish more companies would invest in quality commercials like the one below. I really want to buy some insurance now!  

Synopsis: As Tomorrow looms in the future, the people in the town of Today must make plans to welcome Tomorrow into their lives.

Running time: 1:29

Winterthur – Tomorrow from rods films on Vimeo.

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