Short Film Friday

Short Film Friday. Play along #shortfilmfri

Short Film Friday is a series I run on this blog to pass along short films that I find around the web. Before getting my undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley, I earned a technical diploma in Film & Television Production from Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. I have a massive appreciation for cinema, especially short films, animation, and documentaries.

Want to play along? Share your short films with me on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #shortfilmfri.

Short Film Friday

Here is a comprehensive list of all films posted in this category in the order they were featured on Short Film Friday. If you’d like to view all of the films on one page, you can scroll through them by clicking the Short Film Friday category link at the top of any Short Film Friday post.

  • The Wednesdays – Feeling imprisoned by old age, Mr. & Mrs. O’Leary, long for a way to feel young again. 
  • Pilgrim – A refrigerator desperately scours the desert in search of an electrical outlet.
  • Fallin’ Floyd – After being dumped by his girlfriend, a street musician descends into a dark depression. His everyday life is haunted (and sometimes guided) by a demon on his shoulder.
  • Winterthur: Tomorrow – As Tomorrow looms in the future, the people in the town of Today must make plans to welcome Tomorrow into their lives.
  • Runaway – Thinking his owner is going to replace him with a more current appliance, Chillie runs away to the junkyard. Will he be scraped? 
  • 4th of July Edition – Four short films celebrating the U.S.A.
  • This is Where We Live – A beautiful stop-motion film celebrating 25 years of books for 4th Estate Publishing.
  • Food – A culinary cast of characters come together to talk about food!


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