5 Vegetables for the First-Time Gardener | Cucina Kristina | cucinakristina.com

It’s finally starting to feel like summer! I think this is the latest we have ever transferred our seedings to the ground. Have you started your summer garden yet? 

If you are new to gardening it can be very overwhelming to get started. Many gardening blogs talk about soil quality, zone hardiness, pH levels, companion planting, cross-pollination, disease and pest control… it’s enough to make your head spin.

Don’t get me wrong, these websites are very informative, but they make the learning curve sound so intimidating, I think it scares many people off from starting a garden. Most first-time gardeners probably have the attitude I had when I first started. They want to throw some seeds into the ground, water them, cross their fingers and hope for the best. If that’s you, that’s ok! Unless you come from a line of gardeners, you’re starting in the same place that most of us did. 

First-time gardeners aren’t worried about soil testing, row gardening vs. square foot gardening, and composting. Let’s get real, their number one concern is probably remembering to water the garden on a regular basis! 

These are my five favorite things to grow in my garden each year because they are low maintenance vegetables. They are all fairly disease and pest-resistant, which makes them easy to care for if you are new to gardening. That isn’t to say you will never encounter a problem with these veggies, but you aren’t going to have the same problems you’ll have with some other edibles.   (more…)